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IDEX Healer

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*This product is advisable to apply by experienced Hair Stylist.

Key Features

(For Professional Use Only)

8 Benefits

  • 5-In-1 For All Hair Changes (10 Mins Only).
  • Adjustable Time, Temperature & Moisture Setting.
  • Direct Mist & Ozone Function.
  • 3 Simple Operating Modes.
  • Continuous Mist Circulation In Ceramic Cap.
  • Easy Cleaning & Maintenance.
  • Quiet, Slim & Handy Appearance.
  • Professional Education Provided.

*Over 15 Registered Patents in South Korea.


Perm Treatment 

Healer creates an excellent softening environment by maintaining moisture balancing of the hair to deliver longer lasting hair perm setting, enhanced shine, smoothness and silky hair waves. 

Smart Scalp Treatment

Healer Ozone increases blood circulation, promotes hair growth, enhances the hair texture, purifies and regenerates hair follicles to become stronger, healthier, while preventing hair loss. 

Rebonding Treatment

Healer is able to transform natural curly hair to straight and smooth hair. The heat from flat iron is dispersed uniformly onto hair, thanks to moisture softening earlier - further reducing hair damage. 

Hair Spa Treatment

Healer Micro Mist allows the nutritive supplements to penetrate faster and deeper in just 10 minutes! Therefore, dry and damaged hair is able to be nourished and repaired - resulting healthy hair to sustain a longer-lasting shine. 

Colouring Treatment

Healer Micro Mist allows colouring chemical to penetrate deeper and faster into hair cuticles to achieve more vibrant colour. Meanwhile, Healer Ozone improves the efficacy of hair colouring by strengthening the bonds between the innermost structure of every strand of hair and the colouring chemical.  


Massage - can promote head blood circulation, keep the hair metabolism. Through the meridians, while also stimulating the scalp to make it thicker capillaries, providing more nutrients and oxygen to the brain Effective cleaning of residual waste scalp sebum and quality, but also conducive to hair growth reduce dandruff and avoid hair loss.

Time - Significant & delightful treatments results with ONLY 10 minutes.

Temperature - By maintaining the Optimum Temperature at 45:5, helps to enhance blood circulation, pores expansion and sweat/sebum secretion control without causing damages/injuries to skin & hair.

Moisture - 3um ultra-particles of Micro Mist permeates deeply & efficiently into cuticles and pores. It helps to eliminate Corneous Tissues and allowing best moisturizing effect.

Ozone - Maximization of Sterilization Effect by Low Concentration Ozone of 0.025ppm which can eliminate bacteria, odor, harmful organic substances and etc. Also sharply decreases softening operation time - maximizing colouring & perm effect.


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