IDEX Professional


“Famous brands are valuable

but it does not necessarily suit you. 

What you really need is a hair care brand that

is suitable for your hair type and Malaysia’s climate”

In the past, hair salons tend to emphasize on the publicity and advertisements of European, Japanese and Korean brands. Local brands have no significant presence in the market. iDEX is a haircare brand exclusively for Malaysians. It is a range of new generation hair product that has been prudently and specifically developed. It is unlike any other generic haircare products and is definitely a better option for consumers who have higher expectations on haircare. Some products that are selling very well in other countries are not able to perform here in Malaysia due to various factors such as climate and hair type difference. It is not uncommon to find international brands that are not suitable. Haircare products are just one of the examples. Products that are suitable for particular climates and hair types in selective countries may not be suitable for us. 

When developing the products of iDEX series, factors like the local climate and hair type and skin of the people are taken into consideration. It is currently one of the haircare products that suit Malaysians best. iDEX range is well-accepted by almost all races here in terms of the quality, effectiveness and aroma. Some of the unique selling points include the stunning effect and positive feedback on the hairdressing and haircare products. For someone who takes care of their hair, this is certainly the brand for you. 

Prudently Developed

To enhance our competitiveness in the market and to impress our consumers, we have been very cautious and prudent in our work and we have hence developed the iDEX range of products. It has gone through a long period of innovative research and development in order to meet our expectations. The products have been proven suitable for Malaysia’s climate and the general hair types of Malaysians before they are being packaged and marketed. Much of our resources, time and energy had been invested in the past years before we launched our products in this particular series. A lot of effort have been made to improve the packaging of the products to look aesthetically pleasing on the outside and to compliment the premium goodness it contains. Our iDEX series haircare products have been acclaimed by consumers. We are therefore inspired to market more products from the iDEX series strategically.

Support In Knowledge

“We offer our extensive knowledge and technological support to help you become a professional hairdresser.”

“Brand marketing” comprises of  “knowledge and technology”. Like many other successful brands, inculcating related knowledge is an essential part during “Initial Stage”. Therefore, we strive to have “Brand Education” included in our work. iDEX range of haircare products is different from other generic products in their effects. Some iDEX products are even specifically made for certain hair types. iDEX has a team of experienced haircare advisors who provide customers with the necessary technical support and knowledge to help you unleash your talent as a professional hairdresser who takes care of your customers’ hair while promoting iDEX range of products. We have a complete set of iDEX manual on hair care that is easy to use. When you have developed the expertise on hair care, you are not only a hairdresser but also a hair care expert who could offer hair care advise to customer in the long run.

Safe to Use

All of our products are approved and certified by NPRA with Product Notification Certificate.